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As someone who grew up with Sonic fangames, Sonic hacks and Mario hacks, I have an acute interest in fangame gamedev and romhacking. I will say, I'm not very good at most of it, but I like to try challenging what I'm able to rn. I don't expect anyone to use the things in here, nor do I expect anyone to visit this site at all, but I like having a small page of the internet where I can keep my stuff at. Even if talkhaus goes down. I'll try to remake this site on the future's equivalent of neocities, lol.

So far I work with RPG Maker, Mario, Sonic and Megaman hacks, Game Maker Studio, Zelda Classic and Godot, but a lot of it is idle faffing about. I have no interest in making it big or cultivating a fanbase, the idea of it grosses me out. Not all of the engines were acquired legally and I won't pussyfoot around that.

Current Projects
* Studying the innards of SMW.
* Studying Lunar Magic's ASM.

Super Mario World

RPG Maker

Random Screenies

Random stages I've done so far. Most will probably not be released.


Zwei: The Arges Adventure - Mythical Land Serpentina: Sky Sanctuary type vibes, fits a castle high in the skies, or a final stage.
Composition: someone at Falcom Sound Team jdk (Wataru Ishibashi?)
MIDI: Ryuka (Second Laboratory)
Samples: musicalman
Insert Size: 0x1075 bytes

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To be finished

Bravely Default - That Person's Name Is
Arc the Lad I & II - Critical Moment/Area Submap
Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact - The Flame
Street Fighter Alpha 2 - Zangief
King of Fighters '96 - Geese ni Katakori
Digimon World - Leomon
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue - Crowded Street Corner
The Legend of Heroes III - Mountain Path
Silhouette Mirage - Night Flight
PoPoLoCrois Monogatari - Popolocrois Castle
Puyo Puyo Fever - Taisen 4
Red Earth - Those Who Show the Way
SaGa Frontier - Battle 1
Summon Night 2 - Tumultuous Meeting
DDRMAX - So Deep (Perfect Sphere Mix)
The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky - Sophisticated Fight


Burners: This was like my first ever sprite that I released and it's basically me trying to copy Akaginite?'s VIP5 burners and people liked it and I'm just like??? wha. Anyway, standard SMB3 sprite, fires off a flame either to the left or right depending on extra bit? (need to check) or up or down, depending on the sprite. Think of it kind of like a shooter. Much love to Rykon-V73 for slightly editing it for userfriendliness.

Download | SMWC mirror

Leaf Shield: One was VIP5, the other was fucking Brutal Mario. ugh man. Much love to both hacks though. You put it on with R and you fire it with R and it's an instakill shield. I don't know what use this has since it overpowers everything.

Download | SMWC mirror

Fire Stalking Piranha Plant: This has the name of an enemy from the M&L remakes, but it's just a VIP5 enemy. Again, I think it's Akaginite, but I wanted to make it for a ASM hack I never finished? woo. Walks back and forth and spits out fireballs, could be handy for territory control.

Download | SMWC mirror

Rat Tank: Basic riding sprite based on the one in Goemon 2: Kiteretsu Shogun McGuinness. Can fire projectiles. Pretty hard to make all things considered, much thanks to Von Fahrenheit and many others for helping me make this. Slight warning, can't enter pipes, that's likely why Yoshi starts accessing the Yoshi parts of Mario's code once Mario gets on board. Also doesn't really cooperate with sprite platforms. It's not a very good sprite. ratte


Gravity levelASM + control blocks: Inspired by VIP5 and Brutal Mario once more (Bowser's Castle and Gravity Fortress), however it works differently. You have the option to make the on-off status correspond to low gravity (higher jump), high gravity (lower jump) or regular gravity, along with blocks that control the on off state by just being in them, simulating being in the outdoors of space, without needing to use on-off blocks. I also plan on making one that uses free RAM for those that don't want it tied to On/Off or just be a binary situation.

Download coming soon, need to remake it

Archives and Fixes

Here's a bunch of random shit I've amassed in the past year or two while recovering stuff from and old hacks after I stubbornly deleted everything. Stuff I have that's already on SMWC is not included. (Koba Disclaimer: I'm still working on fixing and organizing everything -.-)

Download coming soon


Sometimes I like ripping graphics for fun. Here's a huge stockpile of them.


* Fillmore Act 1 FG.
* that's it for now lol

Download coming soon


Vanilla SMW Symbols file - bsnes-plus | Mesen-S (Download coming soon)
Lunar Magic'd SMW Symbols file and bps file - bsnes-plus | Mesen-S (Download coming soon)
Super Demo World disassembly done as a joke - Download coming soon
Super Kitiku Mario/Brutal Mario disassembly also done as a joke - Download coming soon